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Sorry, FED EX and UPS is not available at our location.  
We ship Priority Mail via the US Post Office only.  

We will do our best to ship all orders in a timely manner,
but we are semi-remote and get mail three days a week
so your order may take up to three additional days to
arrive.  Your patience is appreciated.

Sometimes really big stuff just can't be mailed.  If you
order really big stuff, I'll make delivery arrangements with
you.  Sometimes I can deliver your item, and sometimes
we get a commercial carrier to do it.
Cool Stuff for Cool Patriots...
HC63 BOX 1221
TOK, AK  99780
Need some help?
I'm here to assist you with questions about:
  • specific products
  • custom work and special order projects
  • problems with your order
  • general information about Nor' Country.

Email me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year:

I'm not one of those guys with fancy alerts that chime when email comes in, but I do check for email
every couple of days and I will respond to you!
What kind of finish do you use?
Generally, I use Minn-Wax products.  No, I'm not sponsored or compensated in anyway by
them.  I just know they make quality stains and finishes and I use them for that reason.  
Occasionally, some of my products require paint instead of stain.  In these cases I use
Rustoleum brand enamel.
How do you get that burned look on the flags?
I "burn" or "char" the wood using a hand held propane torch.  Burned or charred finishing is
kind of like cooking steaks, I offer three grades; medium rare, medium and medium well.  
Wood can vary greatly from piece to piece and even from one end of a board to the other,
that makes it difficult to get a uniform appearance.  Therefore, each individual stripe on your
flag will vary.
Why are the flags left unsealed?
Flags are left unsealed so you may choose an interior or exterior sealant depending on where
you plan to display it.  Some sealants may discolor wood slightly.  Test a spot on the back of
the flag before you dive in!
Do you offer discounts?
I happily offer 10% discounts to all veterans, law enforcement, fire fighters and emergency
medical personnel.  Show me your Veteran ID card or credentials, and the discount is yours!  
Thanks to all of you for your service!
Like any business, I also offer discounts from time to time for special holidays and events.
Are you a human or a robot and is this a real business?
I am a real person and this is a real business...  So sorry to disappoint you if that is not the
answer you were seeking.
Check my business license if you need to: AK Business License # 2096409 through 12/31/22